Purchase of scrap, cast iron, non-ferrous metals

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We offer to our suppliers

  • competitive prices
  • immediate payment – in cash or by bank transfer, as requested
  • fair classification of scrap
  • collection of scrap by own means of transport
  • provision of own containers
  • individual price negotiations at large supplies
type of scrap price [PLN/t] contamination
Steel wool Batch550 zł2%
930 zł1%
850 zł1%
750 zł2%
850-900 zł2%
680 zł2-5%
710 zł2 %
550 zł4%
300 zł3-10%
800 zł2%
type of scrap cena [zł/kg] contamination
copper milber19,00 zł
lump copper18,00 zł
Copper lump shining17,10 zł
Copper unsorted , fired16,50 zł
Copper stoves , coolers CU15,90 zł
copper mica15,00 zł
Brass Lump yellow11,50 zł
brass Tinned10,50 zł
brass shavings10,50 zł
brown Lump16,50 zł
Copper chips ( excluding Fe )10,50 zł
Lead dry5,20 zł
Lead wet5,00 zł
1,60 zł
zinc metal6,50 zł
Obsd ( excluding Fe )3,50 zł
KO non-magnetic steel3,50 zł
KO steel shavings ( excluding Fe )2,20 zł
KO steel kettles , pots1,00 zł
Aluminium pokablowe sector6,00 zł
Aluminium wire5,80 zł
Aluminium sheet -fed offset5,50 zł
Aluminium cast3,00 zł
Aluminium arts2,50 zł
Aluminium products - gar white3,80 zł
aluminum cans3,50 zł5%
0,80 zł
alumnium chips1,50 zł
aluminum blinds1,60 zł
Aluminium wheels5,00 zł
Aluminium profile clean to 1m5,40 zł
Painted aluminum profile4,50 zł
Aluminium profile with plastic insert3,50 zł
Coolers Al..2,20 zł
coolers Al+Cu8,20 zł
Coolers Cu + Ms10,80 zł
2,10 zł
electric motors1,60 zł
batteries2,70 zł
Copper granules15,60 zł
0,65 zł
5,00 - 7,00 zł
1,80 zł
type of scrap price [PLN/t] contamination
Gray cast iron 30X30950 zł1%
nobatch cast iron, enamel750 zł2%
Cast iron nobatch-gauge800 zł3%
500-700 zł2%
cast iron shavings300 zł2-5%
480 zł2%

We purchase metal and aluminium recyclable materials

  • steel scrap, piece scrap
  • cast iron piece scrap and large-size scrap
  • post-production, post-amortisation and railway scrap
  • steel and cast iron chips
  • non-ferrous metal scrap: aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel,
nickel, acid resistant steel

Our offer includes a sale of

  • pipes with various diameters
  • commercial scrap
  • recycled C-profiles, H sections
  • sheets of different thicknesses
  • plate girders
  • hall weight pillars
  • steel scrap W1, W2
  • cast iron scrap
  • non-ferrous metal scrap
  • railway scrap

Our offer does not include recycling of used household appliances

Please be advised that we buy neither used electronic equipment nor parts thereof.